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Branon real estate success has come from a total dedication to serving the owners
needs and ensuring the best outcome is achieved.

  • Maximise your Return
  • Minimise Vacancy Rates
  • Choose the Right Tenant
  • 6 monthly routine inspections
  • Outstanding marketing
  • Personalised Service
  • Maintenance Management
  • Advice & Market reviews


Maximising return is a combination of components. We regularly review and advise on
rent increases to ensure your rent remains at market rates, with a focus on retaining
tenants so that there is minimal, if any vacancies


We regularly communicate with our tenants, ensuring we proactively renew leases or
prepare in advance for their departure. If the tenant is vacating we advertise early. Our
goal is to align the start date to coincide as close as possible to the vacate date,
minimizing any lost revenue.


Our tenant success is impeccable and comes down to choosing the best people to call
your property home. We do thorough background checks


We visit your property twice a year, conducting a detailed review of your investment. At
these inspections we report on many factors, including how the tenants are treating
your property, any maintenance we note or informed about by the tenant. If interested,
we at Branon Real Estate also recommend and manage other certified inspections on
your behalf, such as pest control, smoke detector checks, pool maintenance etc. We
have a trusted network of tradesmen we can arrange.


The key to successfully leasing your property is by exposing your property to a wide
range of prospective tenants.

We advertise your property on the internet, branon.com.au realestate.com.au
domain.com.au realestateview.com.au listing your property on a selection of portals is
imperative to getting your property seen by more people. We also provide prominent
property signage at the property, provide property open for inspections, and private
viewings. We also utilize our comprehensive database and relocation companies.


Our team at Branon strive to fulfil the requirements of our clients wherever possible,
giving that personal edge that is often missed with larger companies.
The efforts of our dedicated professional, mature and experienced staff have been
roundly applauded by the people who matter most – Our clients.


Maintaining your property in excellent condition is crucial to attracting and retaining
quality tenants and maximizing returns, therefore we take the care and protection of
your investment seriously.

We can arrange all maintenance and co-ordinate refurbishments to your property on
your behalf.


We want your investment working for you. This is why your tenancy agreement is closely
monitored to ensure you gain full advantage of current rental market trends.
We constantly monitor the rental market and review rental amounts prior to the
expiration or renewal of each tenancy agreement. This allows us to apply increases
in-line with the current market demands ensuring that the yield from your property does
not lag behind its potential.

We want to ensure that you achieve the highest return possible on your property
investment. We will contact you on these occasions to present the options available and
make a recommendation that is best for your investment property and your personal

We thrive on the level of service we provide to our clients, here’s what some of them
have to say

“Your knowledge of the rental market has been invaluable when it comes to selection of
tenants, establishment of rent levels and coordination of on-going property
management and maintenance requirements.”

—R. Oppenheimer

Zehra has been outstanding in assisting me with all of my property investment needs.
Zehra has always taken a personal interest in my properties, testimony to this fact is
that I have always insisted in Zehra being my property manager, regardless of where she
is positioned at the time”

—M. Tassone

“My wife and I have had a longstanding professional relationship in the area of property
management with Zehra for a period now in excess of 9 years. She has repeatedly and
consistently demonstrated great skill and competence in her ability to relate to the
landlord, the tenant and any trades persons required to complete work on a property ”

—N. Hamilton