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Jessica Liu
Property Manager

Highly credentialed and exceptionally well-qualified, Jessica Liu brings a rare level of expertise to property management at Branon Real Estate. Brought up in a family of real estate and sales professionals in northern China, Jessica was quick to see that property was in her future. She was also quick to realise that her financial acumen and high-level qualifications (Masters in Accounting and Commerce from RMIT) could bring unique benefits to her clients.

These ‘unique benefits’ flow from both Jessica’s highly educated approach and her natural mathematical interests and abilities. With degrees grounded in both the specific detail of Trust Accounting and the broader context of the economy, Jessica is able to advise her landlords on every aspect of their investment. Her aim is to add value through expert management by ensuring every payment is accounted for and every cost is justified to the bottom line.

From initial tenant selection, to rental negotiation, to every tenant interaction, Jessica is committed to adding value to her client’s investment. In Jessica’s world, tenants are selected on the basis of suitability and sustainability. Rentals are negotiated and regularly reviewed at the upper limit of the market. And tenants are actively managed to maximise satisfaction and minimise problems.

Most important is Jessica’s own personal bottom line… where she measures her success on value she can adds for her landlords.
A Melburnian since her University days, Jessica still enjoys the fast pace, busy eateries and great shopping of the CBD. Most weekends she makes the most of city life with her sister (for retail therapy) and her husband (for hospitality). Now a local resident with her own property interests in the area, Jessica says she understands why her landlords invest here and their tenants choose to live her. Beaches, cafes and good schools have all attracted Jessica’s interest…while Bayside property’s ability to perform in all economic climates appeals to her highly-tuned financial sensibility!


650 per week - $2,824 Bond
470 per week - $2,042 Bond
465 per week - $2,021 Bond
$360 per week - $1,564 Bond


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