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A business-owner by experience and a real estate professional by choice, Steve Koutsantonis brings broad experience and big benefits to every property he sells. Throughout an early career in hospitality, Steve stayed connected with the market by investing and developing in residential and commercial – building his own future through market savvy and a strong work ethic. These same skills now work hard for Steve’s clients as he helps them find security and build their own property portfolio in Melbourne’s secure property market.

“My years in the hospitality industry honed my ability to communicate with everyone from young couples, to proud parents, to expanding families, to large corporates,” says Steve. “Most importantly, it showed me what it takes to provide superior customer service. Whether it’s over the dinner table or around the negotiating table, achieving an above-expectation result involves identifying the challenges, formulating a solution and communicating benefits. My years in hospitality made me the ultimate solution provider…in real estate, the “solution” is understanding buyer’s requirements and achieving successful results for homeowners.

A person-to-person operator who believes in absolute transparency and constant communication, Steve has always been a forward thinker.

A natural business-person who understands the importance of property for wealth creation, Steve’s insight into the reasons people buy, sell and invest in real estate gives him a winning edge. Steve believes real success lies in building on-going relationships. “At home and work, understanding, communicating and acting with respect is at the heart of everything I do,” he says. “I believe that if you treat people with care and make the right connections, everything falls into place.”


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