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Kirsty Venning
Sales Executive
0432 057 345
(03) 9533 4433

The fast pace and 24 hour commitment of the property industry is the perfect match for Kirsty’s own high-energy approach to life. Always goal-oriented with an unstoppable drive for success, Kirsty’s boundless energy is invariable channelled into the needs of her clients.

Never one to jump to conclusion, Kirsty believes many agents fail to listen to their clients’ needs. As such, her main focus is being transparent and client centric, ensuring she fully understands her clients’ needs and expectations.

Committed to putting in maximum effort to achieve a 100% satisfied vendor, Kirsty’s first priority is a successful sale, whether that be a record-breaking price, flexible terms, a hassle-free selling campaign – or all of the above!

Kirsty works closely with Branon Real Estate‚Äôs leading senior sales executive, John Oakley. Most would describe them as the dream team! They both bring unique experience and qualities that are fundamental when selling or buying a home. That’s not to say that Kirsty is always running at full throttle. She is a master of life/work balance and her favourite way to wind down will always be to spend a quality time with her family and friends.