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Georgia Johnston
Personal Assistant to Cam Saba
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03 9533 4433

A consummate customerservice professional with a background in property, travel and corporate coaching, Georgia Johnston knows what it takes to provide superior service. Whether in the frontline as a flight attendant or beside the front door in the world of real estate, Georgia’s pro-active approach is at the heart of her success as she works to short-circuit problems and maximise benefits.

But working to keep sales hassle-free and value-added is just the start of Georgia’s expertise. She’s quick to point out that the key to exceeding customers’ expectations is determining exactly what those expectations are. “The first step to good service is paying attention to what is needed,” says Georgia. “I start by observing, listening and then confirming what it is my clients expect. Then I work hard to go above and beyond that.”

It is this approach that has seen Georgia build her reputation…and her relationships. “At Branon Real Estate, we see every sale as the opportunity to build a long-term relationship,” she says. “Our industry runs on referral business and word of mouth recommendations. Every interaction is an opportunity to create a client for life.” To this end, Georgia works closely with her vendors to ensure satisfactionand to make suretheir first sale is the beginning of a lifelong partnership.

Brought up with almost equal time in Melbourne and Sydney throughout her childhood, Georgia has had the luxury of choosing where to make her home. For her it was an easy decision. “Melbourne just feels like home to me,” she says. “And in Melbourne there’s no better place to be than by the bay. With good food, great cafes and a relaxed lifestyle, it’s easy to see why Branon’s clients are so keen to live and invest here.”