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Daryl Corletto
Sales Professional
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An elite sportsman since his teenage years, Daryl Corletto is used to winning… and accepts nothing less for himself and his clients. A professional basketballer for almost 20 years, Daryl has played in Australia and New Zealand and has been a player/coach in the UK and earned a well-deserved reputation for tenacity and fair play both on and off the field.

Headhunted to join the Branon team, Daryl says his move into real estate was part of a long-term plan. “It’s no surprise that many successful sportspeople make the move into the property industry. Real estate offers the same adrenalin rush and the same rewards for hard work,” says Daryl. “Even the structure is the same. We work hard during the week, then the main game comes on the weekend.”

Daryl is not prepared to accept second best for himself or his clients, believing that above expectation-results come with drive and determination. But he does acknowledge that a desire to succeed is not enough. It took years of hard work to position Daryl as an elite sportsman for 16 years and it is this ability to work harder, longer and more effectively for his clients that gives him the edge today.

“In sport we talk about the “one-percenters”. They’re the ones in an already talented pool of people who push to the next level and make the difference between winning or losing” he says. “In the competitive Bayside marketplace everyone is exceptional at their job, but it’s the ability to out-play and out-work at every stage that brings the results.”

Married to Australian netballer, Julie Corletto, Daryl has a young son and a fast growing family. For the high achieving Corletto family real success comes from the people around them and the places they have chosen to call their own. The decision to settle in the Bayside suburbs is a case in point. Daryl aspired to live in the area while training at Sandringham’s (then) King Club. There was never any doubting that he would achieve his goal to move into the Bayside area he loves… and enjoy the gorgeous beaches and great café lifestyle that makes Bayside the place to be in Melbourne.


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