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Chryssanthi Moschoyiannis
Executive Assistant to the Director
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(03) 9533 4433

Born into a family of architects, developers and investors, Chryssanthi Moschoyiannis has property in her blood. The daughter of an award winning, highly-regarded architect, Chryssanthi Moschoyiannis grew up in the business and knew from an early age that it would be her business too. Working as Business Manager in her father’s practice before taking on the responsibility of a portfolio of properties that included CBD premises and high-end residential properties, she has become adept in every area of the business from IT and financial management, to tenant and sale negotiations. It’s a career that has honed her innate talent for fine detail. “Analysis and attention to detail come naturally to me,” she says. “The things that others overlook are often readily apparent to me, whether it’s an aspect of a home’s presentation or a contractual clause.” This same flair for detail continues into Chryssanthi’s business and personal interactions. As adept at reading people as she is at reading a building specification, her innate ability to discern underlying motivations adds real value to the negotiation process. “Taking time to really listen and understand is vital,” she says. “Often there’s more to be learned from people’s silence, rather than what is said.” Brought up with a strong appreciation for family values, Chryssanthi Moschoyiannis aims to excel in every aspect of her life. From a background of high-achievers, Chryssanthi finds that exceeding expectations comes naturally. That’s not to say that Chryssanthi is all work and no play. A world traveller from a young age she heads overseas at least once a year. New York is a current favourite….although she’s always looking for new places to explore and new goals to achieve!


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