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Cam Saba
Sales Professional

In a successful business career that has encompassed small business, big business, retail sales and high volume selling, Cam Saba has proven himself as a motivated self starter, a talented entrepreneur and the consummate sales professional. Migrating from Lebanon with his family as a teenager, Cam was raised in the business world – watching his parents build a business in their new homeland, before taking it to the next level after leaving school. But the world of small businesses couldn’t hold Cam for long. After a cadetship with a major retailer, he embraced the corporate world, found success in key account management roles, and was headhunted into major executive positions …along the way taking time out to build his own thriving chain of retail stores. While accepting the diverse challenges and opportunities, one aspect and interest has stayed constant in Cam’s career. Motivated to achieve the best result, Cam has stayed focused on using and developing his ability to create a winning deal. “My career has been driven by a passion for sales,” says Cam. “For me, the next sale is always the best sale, the next result must outstrip the last and good results will speak for themselves.” A strong negotiator with a tenacious attitude, Cam never leaves a negotiating position without a win for his vendors. That’s not to suggest Cam brings a win-at-all-costs attitude to the table. He is also an intuitive “people person” who takes the time to listen, understand and build trust with vendors and buyers alike. “Every sale has the potential to be a win-win – especially in real-estate. When a highly emotional purchase, such as a home, is being made it’s not difficult to step into a buyer’s shoes and appreciate their motivations…and then motivate them towards the uppermost end of their price range.” It’s a competitive edge that Cam brings to his interests outside of work too. A keen cricketer, who has played and coached throughout the bayside area, Cam continues to take a competitive interest in the game. In fact, it may be only in his personal life that Cam leaves competition behind. Married to his childhood sweetheart for more than two decades, Cam is thoroughly settled and shares a love of travel with his wife…although he does admit to driving a hard bargain in the markets of South East Asia.


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