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Alex Ren
Sales Professional

With Economics and Finance degrees from Melbourne and Shanghai University and experience in small business and property development, Alex Ren is not just a well-educated diversely experienced agent, he is also one of the most pro-active agents in the industry today. A self-made businessperson, Alex’s drive to succeed has seen him grab every opportunity with both hands. He has moved from building successful food businesses in the local area, to building homes as a developer…all the while building a parallel career in real estate.

Along the way, Alex has built success by talking to experts, accepting their guidance, and learning from the challenges. “I’m a strong believer in setting a goal, getting good advice and following through until the job is done to the highest standard,” says Alex. “Now with a number of developments completed and many years of experience in the local industry, I’m in a position to share my expertise and help others achieve their property goals”

Alex’s personal success comes from a deep engagement with the local market. In Alex’s world, no sale goes unnoticed or under-analysed. “It’s both my job and my passion to know exactly what’s going on in the market – right down the last dollar,” says Alex. “My close relationships with builders and developers give me a rare insight into supply and demand. Staying in touch with underlying expectations and realistic selling prices allows me to appraise values with real accuracy. I also find that talking to buyers from a place of real knowledge builds a level of trust that makes negotiations fairer and easier.”

As might be expected of such a fast-paced, future-forward agent, Alex’s family life is focused on the future too. His days are filled with drop-offs, pick-ups and after-school activities, as Alex and his wife work hard to create the best lives for their two primary school age daughters. For Alex, the only thing more importantly that helping his clients build wealth through their property, is building a future for his girls that includes a happy family, good schools and, one day, a purpose-built dream home!


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